Trade Shows 101

Getting into a trade show is a very important thing for you to do to grow your company. But you must remember that creating a trade show exhibit that looks good and that will attract potential buyers and leads will cost a good bit of money, so it is considered an investment. It is an investment in the strongest sense of the word, being that you have no idea whether or not you will make back the money that you put into making your trade show exhibit. It is rarely the case that you will lose money from a trade show, but if you are not prepared before you head into the show, you may be in trouble.

The first thing to remember at a trade show is that not every single person you talk to is going to want to purchase your product, or even really cares what you are offering. Sometimes the people that don’t place orders or buy anything from your company can be very useful, like becoming a lead that can spread the word about your company to people they know that may very well need your product. This is very important and I cannot stress that enough. Never treat everyone as a buyer, but rather treat them in a way that will make them like who you are and that what you do as a company is legit. If you can gain the trust of ten people rather than sell product to five people, you have probably made more money in the long run.

Preparing for a Trade Show

Obviously, before you even arrive at the trade show, you need to design your booth. Booths do not have to be super expensive with tons of lighting and cool effects. Keep it simple, clean, and professional. You do not have to go over the top with it, but make it look like your company is a professional business. Once you have a clean booth, making sure people know what your company does is crucial. If someone has to ask you what your company creates or provides, then you may not have put enough information in your booth. It is very important that the questions people should be asking you are why they need your product and what it can do for them in their situation.

Before you show up at a trade show, you need to make sure that you are comfortable speaking with people that you don’t know at all. Public speaking skills are very important at trade shows, because making sure people understand what you are trying to tell them about your company could be the difference between gaining a lead and losing one. Also, don’t be afraid to exchange information with other business owners that have stands next to you. This is a very easy way to spread your companies’ name around and get the word out about your products. Just remember, stay calm and present yourself in a professional manner to everyone that approaches you.

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